Student Research Conference 2022

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The Student Research Conference of the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University will take place on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Traditionally, it will consist of lecture and poster sections. An independent expert commission will decide on the division of contributions into sections. 

The postgraduate section will again take place completely in English, so it is necessary to write an abstract in English. If you will be participating in another section than the postgraduate section and you will be interested in presenting your work in English, you must also upload your abstract in English.


The system for inserting abstracts will open on March 1, 2022 on the SRC website ( In order to be able to divide the contributions into individual sections, no contributions will be accepted after the deadline for the submission of the abstract, which is set for April 10, 2022. 

Whoever does not submit the abstract by this deadline, will not be allowed to participate in SRC 2021 and will therefore not receive credit for enrolled SVA! 

The actual text of the abstract must not exceed 2500 characters, including spaces, to fit on 1 page of the proceedings. It is possible to add a maximum of one attachment (graph, table, picture, etc.) to the text. Please note that the abstract must be submitted via the electronic form on this page, abstracts in text form sent by email will not be accepted.

When submitting an abstract in the electronic form, the author chooses a section (theoretical, clinical, postgraduate, bachelor's). Doctoral students always choose a postgraduate section without distinction between clinical and theoretical. Furthermore, the author can, but does not have to, choose the form of presentation he prefers (lecture or poster). However, the final division will be decided by a commission composed of experienced researchers from our faculty. If there are several authors on one work, the abstract is always submitted by only one student and the other collaborating colleagues are listed as co-researchers. After sending the abstract, all authors will receive a confirmation email. Even after submitting the abstract, it is possible to edit the text, up to the deadline, which is set for April 10, 2022. Please fill in the form on a computer, not on a tablet (it may not work well).

You can find a sample abstract here:

More detailed information on creating abstracts can be found, for example, at You can also view the proceedings of previous years of the conference at

Please send your questions to

For the SRC Organizing Committee,

prof. MUDr. Romana Šlamberová, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for doctoral studies

and student research

SCR coordinator

Instructions for the poster section

In the poster session each competitor will have 5 minutes to present their work to the expert committee. These 5 minutes ought to be divided into a 3 minute speech and a 2 minute discussion. The discussion is required in all posters. During your performance focus particularly on presenting the results of your scientific work.

When designing your poster please follow the obligatory criteria listed below. Posters sent in an inappropriate format or otherwise failing to meet the criteria of the 2022 SRC will be sent back to you. You will then need to edit them and submit them within a new deadline. If the flaws are not removed or you fail to meet the new deadline, you will not be able to participate in the conference. The presentation of the poster is a requirement for participating in the poster section and for earning credit.

All posters must fulfill the following criteria:

● paper size A0 (841 × 1189 mm - portrait orientation!)
● document format .pdf
● resolution 150-300 dpi
● the header must contain the official logo* of the faculty (see
safety border: a minimum of 10mm of empty space (no text or pictures) from the edges of the poster inwards (from all sides - as for the bottom, the safety border there needs to be a minimum of 10mm from the upper edge of the SRC posterbanner) - it a measure to prevent the the covering of the content of the poster by the edges of the presentation monitor (see below)
● the bottom part of the poster must contain the SRC 2022 posterbanner (it is prohibited to have the content of the poster (text, pictures, graphics…) interfere with the banner, to write into the banner, to change its size! or edit it in any way)
● the language of the poster (English/Czech/Slovak) must match the language of the sent abstract
● posters must be sent by 23:59 on the 16th May 2022 to the email address (alternatively via an internet storage site by sending a link where the document can be downloaded if the document size is larger than 10 MB)
● posters must be sent with the following name format of the document SVK_2022_Name.Surname (of the first resolver or the person who sent the abstract)

*When using the 3rd Faculty of Medicine logo please do not edit it and respect the zone of protection of the logo. By not complying you would disobey the Policy of logo usage and symbol protection of the logo (example:
The zone of protection is the minimal area around the logo where it is not possible to place anything else. This area may differ in different logos, however, you can always find it in the logo handbooks of individual organizations and institutions.

When creating the poster you can use one of the poster templates which already contain the posterbanner:

Individual posterbanner
Example of the safety border of a poster (do not use as a template!)
Template for Microsoft Powerpoint
Template in .pdf

Below you will find video tutorials from the elective course Introduction to Practical Research Methodology about the computer graphics in Powerpoint and InDesign which may help you with creating your poster:

Basics of Computer Graphics
Adobe InDesign

Recommended software for creating the poster:

● Microsoft Powerpoint(in older versions there could be a problem with bigger resolutions)
● Scribus (free)
● Inkscape (free)
● Adobe Illustrator
● Adobe InDesign
● Adobe Photoshop

Helpful tips for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 without using a template:

Setting the size of the canvas
● design - slide size - width 84,1 cm, height 118,9 cm
Export in 300 DPI
● file - print - printer properties - layout - advanced - graphic quality - 300 DPI - OK
● as a printer select Adobe pdf

Examples of scientific posters:

Example of poster 1
Example of poster 2
Example of poster 3
Example of poster 4

More detailed tutorials and non-binding recommendations may be found here:

If you have any technical troubles preparing the poster, please contact us at the email address
Any questions can also be sent to
On behalf of the organizational board of the 2022 SRC
prof. MUDr. Romana Šlamberová, Ph.D.
Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Student Research Activities
Coordinator of the SRC